Houses Around The World

We live in a world of 7 billion people. That’s a large number. With a large population such as this, the world is segregated. No two places are alike. There are many influences that changes how people behave and how they live. There are various cultures, communities, languages and lifestyles that are vastly different. Even the way people look is different from region to region. People and places are different, that’s why people travel and enjoy meeting new people. Due to the difference in lifestyle, people live in different homes around the world. The home you live in can be vastly different than someone on the other side of the globe. These homes may have features your house doesn’t have and vice versa. These houses are built differently from one another and some serve unique purposes as keeping the house warm or keeping it cold. Here are some different houses around the world.


Apartments are houses built around and on one another. Apartments are very popular as it saves space and many people can live in one building. They are also convenient. There are many different types of apartments as well. Some are penthouses and some are low level apartments. Penthouses are right on top with tile repairs Melbourne so you can look out. Apartments are very common in big cities due to the limited housing. Similarly, it is one of the fastest growing type o housing in the world.

Igloo’s are houses made of ice. These are domed shaped and protects the user from the cold. Igloos can only be built in cold regions where it is snowing. Like any other house, Igloos use stacked bricks, only the bricks are made out of ice. The best thing about Igloos is that you can build it anywhere. It is a type of house that can be dismantled and built again. You don’t really need supplies, you simply use the ice.

Stilt house

A stilt house is a house that is raised above ground level. These houses are to protect the inhabitants from flooding and or vermin. Some stilt houses are built over a body of water. A house such as this, you don’t have to worry about tiles or leaking shower repairs services in Melbourne because the house is generally built out of wood.


A cave is basically what everyone used many thousand years ago. Most caves are naturally formed therefore it protects anyone in it from the elements. Today, most caves are used by animals to keep safe and protected from the weather. Still, caves can be useful if we are hiking or even backpacking.

Take Care Of Yourself

Human beings are known to be very self-conscious. They love to look good and stylish, and make sure that they get everyone’s attention in the process, too. They like to spend a lot of money on clothes, especially the designer kind. Rich people live this kind of lifestyle and absolutely love every minute of it, from the lavish clothes and five star food on a daily basis. Partying day and night, they seem to living it up, in every possible way. Not hesitating when it comes to the price tags on something, that’s when you know you’ve pretty much made it to the highest level, ever. Some people may have worked very hard to earn so much of money to live like that, while there are others who have their parent’s inheritance or the family company, so they never had to lift a finger, everything’s just laid out for them, it’s that easy for them. In some ways, this isn’t ideally how someone should bring their son or daughter, as they need to learn the right morals and values by working and earning for themselves.

If your child only cares about looking stylish and fashionable, then you need to take action immediately; because this is a major sign that clearly shows your child isn’t going to go very far in life. True enough, wanting to maintain and take care of yourself is fine, but there’s a limit for that, before it gets a bit too overboard. Sure enough there are plenty of people who like to keep themselves well groomed without any hair out of place, but they obviously know when to stop and for it to be all natural, it’s all a part of life. When you’re young you won’t hesitate to go for regular salon appointments to get your hair and nails done, because you make that effort to look good. But later on as people get older, they don’t really feel the need to spend an outrageous amount of money to dye their hair or anything else for that matter. In that case, anyone can save that amount of money by doing it all at home, like installing cheap hot water systems for them to have a bathtub that’s just as relaxing.

If they aren’t able to install it by themselves, they can hire a plumber to do it, as they’re obviously more experienced.

Once someone does this, they’ll come to a realization that they should’ve done this way earlier, as they would’ve saved a lot more money.